Today’s made up word is a combination of curiosity and tree

I took this photo in my local wood on my way home from the shops this morning.

As a privacy and security programmer working with vulnerable adults and children I take any comments I see about 1984 very seriously.

My opinion has always been:

‘It’s not if it will happen, it’s when.’

The sad truth is that, since the development of the modern smartphone, the surveillance state has actually been with us for decades.

What I argue and disagree with a lot of my colleagues and peers about is the perception that ALL modern technology is bad and we cannot put the genie back into the bottle.

It’s not and we can

If you want to use a computer to browse the web and stay private, support and use Tor Project.

If you are at home and don’t want Hey Google or Hey Siri listening to your conversations, turn the device off and use a Faraday Bag.

The world is so much better when we are all connected in the way that Sir Tim Berners-Lee designed us to be.

Unfortunately the web hasn’t actually evolved the way he envisioned it.

This is because of corporate greed and political influence. Another website that I look after, cluttermind, delves deeper into this subject.

But we can get it back on track if we help with irupt to reset the balance.

If we all do that then maybe pictures like the one I’ve posted will become a thing of the past as, good information always trumps misinformation.

By Phil Branigan

My blog about random things that interest me. When I'm not running computer programs to make things happen, I'm out and and about running around my local neighborhood mindfully getting muddy.