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Stay private

As you can see TOR works fine on a Windows 10 PC and using TOR is NOT illegal despite how badly it is portrayed in the media.

Hollywood and TV shows are created by numbnuts who don’t understand the difference between hacking and cracking.

We technologists are always amused by anything that involves the deep dark web. To give it its correct name it’s just the unindexed part of the internet that Google can’t reach.

My favourite TV show is NCIS Los Angeles as it is heavily influenced by Microsoft and, I laugh so much at all the things they get wrong.

I always admire the typing speed skills of the cast who are always staring at their screens hacking into every traffic camera they need.

It’s really entertaining when you understand how bad the show is, not even LL Cool J can save it from the canned laughter it deserves.

So back to TOR, use it and support it.

Tor Project Logo

Tor Project website

I advise people not to attempt to change any of the settings unless you really do some research.

The download installation defaults should work fine for most people, ask for help if you are unsure.

Why bother?

Well, as a Windows Insider I’m happy with the bulk of my data being sent to Microsoft for analysis and monetisation as, I get a lot of things for free so it’s a trade off.

For my real security work I use a Kali Linux laptop and Microsoft gets none of that data, it stays really private.

So when I want to read something on a Windows machine I use TOR so that the only thing that they know is that I’m using a TOR relay.

It’s not perfect but it’s better than nothing as, you don’t have to let the whole world know what you’re doing on the web.

Now back to NCIS and the episode where Eric broke the internet with a stack overflow … hilariously wrong!

By Phil Branigan

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