Aaron Swartz


No picture today, just my thoughts in words.

It’s a Monday morning, it’s drizzling with rain here in Basingstoke and I’m thinking about how to structure my day.

I’ve always like making lists and, being a technologist, I’m always exploring new and interesting apps that I can use to help me remember what I want to do.

The trouble I have is I have so many.

I duplicate, sometimes triplicate, entries to see how things work … and then end up not actually doing the task because I’m more absorbed in the process of recording it than actually doing it.

A good habit I have refined over the years is to review and improve on what I post.

I take the time to sit down and re-check what I write and then add to it E.g. yesterdays Stay private was written and uploaded via my mobile then, I sat at my PC and added the TOR Project logo.

I chose not to do links to Microsoft or NCIS Los Angeles as my tongue in cheek humour might offend them and I just don’t want to publicly argue with anyone.

All of this takes time.

So this week I am researching different methods for keeping on top of content creation with the minimum effort.

This is because I am inherently lazy.

Us programmers are always looking for short cuts and hacks to enable us to do things quicker so we can do something else instead. I’m just being human.

Being human

I use this tag in my writing a lot.

I also use the phrase in my conversations as well, although it’s quite often misunderstood as an excuse rather than an observation:

“You made a mistake! That’s wrong!”
“I know, sorry, I’m just being human.”
“That’s no excuse!”
“Yes I know, it’s just an observation, I’m not a machine…”

How human do you plan to be this week?

Are you refining your life like me?

If not why not?

This post has my Aaron Swartz category tag because I am re-reading the book The Boy Who Could Change the World as inspiration as to what I do next.

Are you reading anything inspirational?

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