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Coffee is what make’s the world go around, along with tea first thing in the morning.

I have decided to remove all advertising

My reason for doing so is that some of the ads being displayed just do not reflect my personality and wishes.

It’s hard to control the junk that big business servers serve up blindly.

So, I’ve opted into the Buy Me a Coffee scheme.

Just like the ‘Tipping’ service that Sir Tim Berners-Lee and the late Aaron Swartz endorsed.


Because it’s a nice thing to do.

I personally tip other blogs where this option is available so I thought “Why not give it a go myself?”

If you like anything that I’ve written you will find the logo down at the bottom of this blog or use this link:

Phil Branigan Buy Me a Coffee

Thank you, in advance, for the coffee/tea, I appreciate it.

By Phil Branigan

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