200 Miles

Mind is a charity close to my heart and I love a good running challenge.

When I saw the advert for Leave Nothing But Footprints Virtual Run by runr I signed up straight away.

With these sort of monthly events I generally go for the 100 mile options as that’s well within my current abilities.

This time around I thought I’d do something a bit more challenging.

I’m inspired by Ant Middleton to just push that little further and see how I do.

I have the support of Mackenzie L. Havey and her excellent book The Perfect Run.

It doesn’t actually matter to me if I complete the whole distance or not.

What counts is taking part and having a go.

By Phil Branigan

My blog about random things that interest me. When I'm not running computer programs to make things happen, I'm out and and about running around my local neighborhood mindfully getting muddy.