A great place to visit when you want to get back to nature.

COVID-19 social distancing is easy as there’s so much space.

There are a few narrow paths where it is advisable to wear a mask 😷 especially from the car park.

Everything is shut except the cafe to get takeaway food and drink.

Thankfully the loos are open and are nice and clean.

One disappointment is that there are lots of roped off areas you can no longer access.

When you think about the thousands of years that millions of people have walked around the stones everywhere, we now have to put up with the muddled meddling of the woke generation telling us where we can and cannot go.

By Phil Branigan

My blog about random things that interest me. When I'm not running computer programs to make things happen, I'm out and and about running around my local neighborhood mindfully getting muddy.