Social Media


As I’m on holiday it’s a great opportunity for me to re-evaluate what really matters in my life.

As a technologist advising as a Digital Champion I need to be available to people so that I can help them.

This usually means being connected online a lot.

Digital research

I spent the bulk of this summer creating and using accounts with all the major platforms to get a good feel for how they all work.

It was fun, I enjoyed it, I learned a lot so now I’m moving on.

I’m doing some pruning

Regular followers of this blog will notice that I’ve been busy deleting pages and editing content.

This is because I have decided that I am just going to stick with blogging and Twitter.

Annoyingly I have to keep Facebook because of some of the groups I’m involved with but, the rest? They’re now gone.

What next?

I’m going to be fusing together all the subject content that I enjoy.

My favourite and most used hashtags are:

#Basingstoke #Chineham #Privacy #Security #programminglife #nature #beinghuman #running #Arsenal #Life #Philosophy and #programming

This means that I will continue to blog as often as possible and interact the rest of the time via my Twitter feed.

By Phil Branigan

My blog about random things that interest me. When I'm not running computer programs to make things happen, I'm out and and about running around my local neighborhood mindfully getting muddy.