Today is new book day.

What’s so special about Thursday 3 September 2020?

It’s the day Zero Negativity by Ant Middleton downloads automatically into my iPhone library.

It’s been quite a while since I’ve been excited by books.

I used to be obsessed by Stephen King, Clive Barker and James Herbert.

Horror in all it’s gory glory was my bedfellow.

Nowadays I’m different.

It must be an age thing as, I’m more interested in people and the psychology that makes them work.

Why did I change?

The only real thing I can think of is that when I first started cyber security training I was told that ‘Human error or malicious behaviour’ was usually the first point of weakness to look for in an attack.

That interesting statement stuck with me.

So my next few days are going to be dedicated to reading about a British soldier who’s gone on to do better things with his life.

I’m fascinated by his journey and I’m sure I can learn from it.

What’s the common denominator?


We’re both interested in the amazing and daft things human beings do.

Along with helping.

As a Digital Champion I am always thinking of different ways I can get things done online to make lives easier for those who need a helping hand.

I don’t like the phrase ‘It can’t be done.’

I like adding the word ‘Yet’ to the end of the sentence.

Today’s feature image

CCTV warning signs hidden high up in the trees in Basing Wood.

What are they protecting?