What a fungi

The width of a tree, approximately 14 inches, hidden under some lower branches, seen on my lunch time stroll.

Nature is amazing.


Hills and track

Mixing it up on a nice sunny Sunday morning.

Like everyone else running has taken a back seat for me during lock down.

I have been able to get out for a few trots and take part in a couple of virtual events but proper session training has been non existent until today.

I am very lucky as near where I live in Chineham we have an 375m community track that was built for London 2012.

It’s not an oval, it has an odd kink in it, it’s only got one lane and it’s not 400m but it suits me fine as, you can do a lung bursting sprint down the main straight. (The other straight has overhanging tree branches you have to duck under)

It was fun and I enjoyed myself as, being a mindful runner, I really am being very appreciative of everything I have along with everything I can do.

I am lucky.


Under the hood

This weekend is dedicated to:

A) Watching Arsenal win the FA Cup and

B) Building my new personal website

I’m quite often asked about all the voluntary work I do for Microsoft in the fields of privacy and security, so I have decided to give people an insight into how I test things out.

As it’s now been over 5 years I can draw on a wealth of information gained through experimenting and experience, all I really need to do right now is sit down and get everything organised.

The website is live and so is a new Twitter account, other social media apps will be available soon as, I’m writing this blog in the middle of a very hot day in Basingstoke and all I can concentrate on at the moment is ice cream.