The furthest I have ever run in a day is 40 miles.

It was when I took part in the Thames Trot 50 mile ultra and I had to stop because it was very late and I couldn’t see because of the wind and snow covering my glasses.

Since that race I’ve gone on to do much bigger distances in training by breaking everything down into small manageable chunks.

I once prepared for the Steyning Stinger marathon by running exactly the required distance between check points.

I also replicate every condition I think I might have to endure.

Much to the disgust of my running buddies I often divert into mud/puddles/rivers just to experience what can happen in a race.

For my next virtual event Leave Nothing But Footprints I am going to be covering 200 miles in October.

Yesterday I did a test run of 3.23 miles which I am going to do twice a day, probably sunrise/sunset, which should add up to 200+ for the month.

For me it’s all about the journey to get to the start line of the challenge.

I enjoy the science that underpins sports and I also like the mindfulness I use to help me achieve everything.

October is going to be a great month.