In my roles as a privacy and security programmer advising on app and software development, the iOS14 update has been much talked about.

The big argument is between Facebook and Apple.

Facebook is free to use so it makes it’s money by building digital profiles of it’s customers to sell on to advertisers.

Apple states that it’s a premium product that you buy and it doesn’t generate revenue via advertising using personal details and device records. (This may be a fib)

Game Changer?

This phrase is often bandied about like confetti.

The only way to find out if Apple are taking privacy really seriously is to try it and have a deep look under the hood.

It’s just completed it’s it’s install on my iPhone so I’ll start using it and blog my thoughts later when I’ve had a hack and play.

Whatever you think

My usual advice is to always keep your devices up to date with the latest software releases.

Maybe delay a day or two with this one as it does have the potential to go belly up as it’s such a radical change.

Expect iOS14.1 soon