Autumn in August

During lock down I have been fascinated by how green everything has been recently.

This morning was quite surprising on my stroll to my local shop, leaves everywhere.

Nature is amazing.


Under the hood

This weekend is dedicated to:

A) Watching Arsenal win the FA Cup and

B) Building my new personal website

I’m quite often asked about all the voluntary work I do for Microsoft in the fields of privacy and security, so I have decided to give people an insight into how I test things out.

As it’s now been over 5 years I can draw on a wealth of information gained through experimenting and experience, all I really need to do right now is sit down and get everything organised.

The website is live and so is a new Twitter account, other social media apps will be available soon as, I’m writing this blog in the middle of a very hot day in Basingstoke and all I can concentrate on at the moment is ice cream.



When I was told that some of my mindful quotes were being published in a book, I rushed to order a copy on its release date.

When I thought about writing this blog post about it, I actually took two photos because I didn’t like the way the first one looked.

I’m still listening to Dr Adam Rutherfords excellent book “How to argue with a racist” and, it is fascinating how he debunks so many of the scientifically incorrect ideas we are taught throughout our lives.

He’s inspired me to rejoin Mensa, I’ve been a lapsed member for decades, not because I want to show off my elite high score (which actually means nothing) but, because I want to explore how delightfully normal I am as, in the past I have been seduced by so much due to my own innate vanity.

I want to start looking at bunkum, my new favourite word.

Just because something is repeating again and again by others, doesn’t actually mean that it’s correct.

My life seems to have been built on bunkum so as from today I am going to have a good think about things that can be kept and things that can be debunked.

Thank you Adam Rutherford, you have stimulated my thinking.

I hope others who read this blog are inspired to start their own personal journey.