Social Media


Is my new hobby.

I like to stroll whilst listening to an audio book and looking around to take interesting photos.

This morning I stopped to have a chat with one of my running mates who I haven’t seen for a while.

We had a good old natter about how we were both coping with lock down training and not being able to club run in groups like we want to.

We reached the conclusion that we probably wouldn’t race again this year and next year would be a wait and see patience test guided by science.

Now I’m back using social media again I posted some pictures to Facebook Instagram and Twitter.

I quite like my new way of being connected, blogging when I feel like it and then doing nothing when I’m busy doing other things.

My appreciation of nature with all this time on my hands isn’t lost on me as, there is a small part of me that doesn’t actually want things to go back to normal.

Selfish I know but then, I am only human.



I’m noticing nature so much more during lockdown life.

These apples were just growing wild in one of my local hedgerows.

When I’m out and about at lunchtime I’m seeing so many more interesting things.

My appreciation of what is around me is obviously getting better.


Sundial stump

Natures way of telling us the time